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Aug 2, 2013 9:00am EDT
, texas. >> number of shareholders did. >> and reporters. they were there in hawaii, negotiating with advisers. egon durbin was adamant they wouldn't pay more than $13.75. we may not hear that again, after free port, after this, don't use best and final again. i guess they can say it was the best and final cash portion, now special dividend. but, please. egon durbin feeling like, listen, i can't be the guy who let michael dell lose his company and that very well may have happened. many times throughout this, one thing that gave me pause is you never get the most dramatic outcome, which would have been a deal voted down today, and then the onset of a gory proxy fight between carl icahn and michael dell with a real possibility that carl icahn would have taken control of the recapitalization plan. for his part, icahn sued yesterday about the vote, trying to get the annual meeting in the shareholder vote tied together. we'll see if he tries today, but it would appear that delaware law is on the side of the special committee. in fact, leo strin already opined on this very issue. it lo
Aug 28, 2013 9:00am EDT
in oils. >> one reason for that is oils that is feeling the effects of syria. west texas crude hit a high of $112 a barrel which is the highest in two years. so it tells you that the socgen writing that brent could spike briefly to $150 if u.s. led attack on syria and sparking more conflict in the middle east, and the two supply disruptions, because syria is not a big producer in any shape or form. >> and 50,000 barrels a day, and 90 billion a day market. >> take out the pennsylvania. >> yes, by the way, this is back to the larger question of independent and fracking and how the middle east is not as nearly important to us geopolitically as it once was because we don't have the rely on it, and it is a global commodity and unrest sends the price higher, but it is not as if they could say in 1974, no mas. >> well, they can't dictate as much as they used to, because you are talking about 2020 being continental independent, and that is -- >> getting closer and closer. 6 1/2 years away. >> and true. and 600,000 barrels a day from eagleford. >> that is an incredible thing, 6 1/2 years from now.
Aug 1, 2013 9:00am EDT
discovered in the permian, that's the big texas area for oil and natural gas that apparently was successful. in other words, they've discovered a lot more oil in texas. and that's overall very good news. i see pioneer natural resources, pxd, which is one of the companies that are involved here, jim, was very successful. and that stock is moving up rather notably here today. finally just want to mention american homes, here we are right behind me, waiting for it to open, single family home rental reit, interesting concept, priced at $16, the low end, $24 million, still waiting for that to open somewhere around $16, guys, back to you. >> thank you, bock. pioneer natural, the permian's been around, one of the oldest basens, and boom, you got new technology come in. you mentioned consumer products, procter is moving up and clorox is reversed and going up and kellogg is the only one disappointing. i doubt that will stay down that badly. the number seemed good to me. let's ship to the bonds and the bond report and rick. >> good morning, jim. if you look at interest rates. a two-day chart of tens
Aug 13, 2013 9:00am EDT
capital bank shares. >> you need to see them go. >> and ten years of publicly traded company. >> and texas has always posted the best place to bank in the country in texas, and never had the real huge run-up in the real estate. >> after they lost every single bank in the '80s, because i was a bank iing report in 1987 and watched them go undo, every single one. >> and yes -- >> and didn't ron pearlman come in. >> they had brilliant guys come in. >> that worked. >> yes, and the jerry ford and the other jerry ford, and i am looking for the retail to stabilize and we have reports coming up of the macro retail sales not that bad and then watch the china plays. caterpillar breaking out and i keep chi of the chanos interview that you did in delivering alpha, and he said that it is the short of the market, and a lot is because people believe that china is coming back and going to start ordering equipment again, and this is not an easy proposition to believe, however, the momentum is with the cats and the cummings now. >> when you mentioned china, of course, i look at yum, but it is not that bad no
Aug 26, 2013 9:00am EDT
might be states that are pushing back against tesla's sales model. texas, north carolina, other states, have said, listen, you're not a dealer. so therefore you can't sell cars. tesla's saying we don't have a car dealership. we have a gallery. >> martin lawrence/tesla. >> that's something tesla investors are need to watch. you have to move the product. >> look, you have to more charging stations. we have a charging station at the inn that we own. they urge you to give them the information on the charging station because there isn't enough to crisscross the country. however, there is, without a doubt, a love for the car that concedes. >> isn't california -- >> 21,000, i don't know if that's yo versus delorian or others james mentioned, the tucker, thinking 5,000 in asia, 10,000 in europe. the price of gasoline in europe is twice what it is here. >> the market in europe could be gigantic. >> thank you. >> socialized spending on infrastructure product. france could build up the charging stations rather than lying by state by state decisions. you want to drive your car between new york and
Aug 23, 2013 9:00am EDT
for a cnbc exclusive is the ceo of game stop, paul raines. he joins us from texas today. paul, it's great to have you. welcome back. >> great to be with you again, carl. >> catching you on an interesting day with ballmer announcing hit retirement. i know the xbox is in the boxes, it's heading to shelves soon, but does that announcement raise any uncertainty in your business? >> i don't think so, carl. you know, we're the largest partner for microsoft xbox in the world. we do close to a billion dollars of revenue. we sell probably one of every two titles sold in the united states on an xbox. so we know microsoft well. that strategy is pretty well set. they've done a great job of planning out the launch and i think we're locked and loaded. it certainly is interesting to see what's going on but i think the xbox business will do very well this fall. >> really quickly one more on microsoft, what do you want to see in a successor as that search committee gets to work? >> well, i will tell you, the ceo job is a challenging assignment in any company, but i think the most important thing for any c
Aug 27, 2013 9:00am EDT
of budget advisory, and also a texas senator kay bailey hutchinson. and senator, how big of a fight are we in for? >> well, the next six weeks after congress gets back is going be a huge, big negotiating time. i do think that the republicans don't want it to be on the debt ceiling either, but they are going to insist on the funding cuts and the sequestration and the funding of government issues to be a addressed. >> do you think that we keep hearing about the demands regarding obama care, and repealing the elements or all of that. is that for real or more about reform? >> well, it is more about reform. you have to shoot with real bullets and the real bullets are the spending levels. i think that is where they are going to draw the line. that is where the majority will be. >> jared, we have been down this road before and does anything leading into october seem d different this time? >> unfortunately, no. i do think that they will qui quickly pass a continuing resolution, and that is a budget patch to keep the government open and then the real fight starts over the debt limit. i completely a
Aug 30, 2013 9:00am EDT
was $200,000, a red crocodile bag sold in texas. you probably buy these. i think these older models. >> you'd -- i'd have to promise a first born to get one of these bags. it's not even the price, but often there will be waiting lists for weeks or months to get one of these. >> mrs. quinn tha nhat nkne -- already on the list. >> it's a big deal. >> she's got a big christmas coming. >> right. we'll see you on "power" in a few minutes. let's get a check on energy and commodities. jackie deangelis is live at the nymex. >> seeing some pressure continue here. down across the board. the declines we're seeing in the crude pits, of course, coming on the back of the uk parliament's rejecti rejection of military action in syria. that would mean the u.s. would have to go alone if we were going to strike there and it seems like the probability of that is declining a bit at this point. now, also keep in mind that we had u.s. inventory numbers out this week. it shows the market is fairly well supplied. so it doesn't seem like prices need to continue to rise. west texas intermediate over $108 a barrel. br
Aug 9, 2013 9:00am EDT
of a texas hedge. kind of, you know, over-exposed maybe to no growth tact. i don't know. >> ylan, the market obviously has had a better year than people thought at the beginning of the year. how is all of that playing in the beltway? how does the beltway see that? >> you know, i think there's actually a lot of concern about sort of what we talked about before, which is, you know, are we seeing a sale of who consumers here. there's concern that the rise in the stock market is actually something that's benefiting the wealthy, benefitting the 1%, et cetera. and where does that leave the rest of americans? there's a lot of focus right now on supporting middle america, seeing middle income job growth. there's some concern that, you know, is this creating a situation where the highs on the stock market actually creating greater income and equality in america. that's the message that lawmakers -- >> what is it going to take for companies going public, right, and creating capital, right? one day hiring because you need to hire eventually if you're going to grow. >> we need to see the hiring come thr
Aug 14, 2013 9:00am EDT
lawsuit, along with texas and arizona. the home states respectively for american and u.s. air. so we will now see what happens next as far as what looks like a looming court battle. kelly, back to you. >> hampton, thanks very much. i believe we will be speaking with arizona on this issue a little bit later on the program. i will let you g from now and bring in first officer tom, american airlines pilot and communication chairman for the allied pile t lots association which is the pilot's union for american airlines. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> so what's the pilots' perspective on this? were you as surprised on the street yesterday when the doj said they were going to block this deal? >> we believe justice is unfairly singled us out and is attempting to impose a double standard on our attempt to merge with us airways. it doesn't make sense. >> what do you think is behind the decision? >> you know, we really don't know. we had some issues regarding slot divestitures at washington, reagan. they can bly out of dulles or you've got market dominance by southwest and united.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10